Long legs stretched across
the aisle of a city bus
suede boots
high heeled suede boots
high heeled, stiletto heeled suede boots
tight jeans
jeans sculptured to sheath young tight bodies
luxurious lines of their knit blouses
they could be graceful if they wanted
they are anything they want
two beautiful bodies bent
leaning towards each other
their long locks intertwining
sharing Ipod plugs
sharing music, sharing intimacies
tapping on their cell phones
oblivious to the rattle, the rumble of the bus
the scratchy intonations from the driver
the low mumble of other conversations
their long legs stretched across the aisle
oblivious to other people
stepping over their stretched legs
oblivious to the world
oblivious to the darkening sky
oblivious to the dirty rain that will wash
the pride from their boots
those precious prideful stiletto heeled suede boots
believing the weather will always be fair
their future as wonderful as their now
that others will always admire their youth and beauty
content to step over their stretched legs
indifferent to the silences and glances of others
indifferent to whatever is beyond their horizon
unaware that the present will soon be past
unaware, indifferent to that bubble on the horizon
that storm which will wash away their world
ruin their stiletto heeled suede boots
scattering their illusions
bursting their bubble.

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Copyright 2017© by Peter D. Goodwin