Recreating Eden

They came to this new continent,
they who were steeped in bloody history
and recognized that this was a place
without history, a pure tapestry
where they could recreate Eden
remake the world in God's image
clear the wilderness and build righteous
communities designed according to the strictures
of Scripture where God's will would no longer
be corrupted and the innocent—
the innocent will be able to pray in peace and
prosperity and live decent God fearing lives
unsullied by the histories of the past.
They came
the religious idealists
those searchers for salvation
the pure at heart, those pilgrims
willing to suffer the unknown and unfamiliar,
an endless cold that penetrates bones,
heat that weakens resolve
insects that bite, and
destroy precious provisions
diseases without name
death without ceremony
for the heavenly rewards of building
a new Jerusalem on this earth
on this new continent
clearing the forest of the wild things
the large and treacherous cats
the ferocious and fiendish wolves
and the savages
those who knew not of God's love
nor his law and cared not for neither
all had to be expelled
so that this new Eden could be recreated
on this pure pristine continent
and they did expel all who did not belong
in a Christian Community
and in the process they made history
a history that soaked blood
into the land—Eden forgotten.

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Copyright 2017© by Peter D. Goodwin