Night Time Mission

There is something fascinating
about a campground
in the middle of the night
chairs empty, scattered
the fireplace dead
an ax laying by its side
but I am not here to explore
the quiet dark campsite
I am on a mission

to find the latrine
wishing I had investigated
its location in daylight
the latrine located logically
but most inconveniently
far away from my tent
and my mission is urgent
and this latrine appears
to be located on a mountain top
which I stumble up
my flip-flops imperfectly
fitting my fragile feet
my fragile feet
balancing on unstable rocks
once located, the business almost complete
I realized that I had forgotten
to collect the toilet paper

in the East I could have used a leaf
but that function
is ill served by a cactus
so I return down the mountain
my bare bottom as bright as the moon
collect the toilet paper
re-climb the mountain
expecting at any minute
to be confronted by a snake
or a scorpion
or a mountain goat
or by a bear, or a yeti
thinking about my comfortable
bathroom at home
with its collections of magazines
all extolling the joys
of the American wilderness.

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Copyright 2017© by Peter D. Goodwin