After the storm
the landscape transformed
made new     fresh     virginal
in a foot and more of deep luxurious snow.
all that remains is the pristine,
glistening land, its slopes and valleys
trees and bushes skirted
obscuring paths, trails, roads and boundaries
the familiar unfamiliar

Man-made structures—sheds, fences, gardens, cars,
tractors, boats, paths, roads— half hidden, under gentle shapes
a landscape transformed, awaiting new discovery, guided
by animal tracks crisscrossing the land in unexpected ways,
pointing—new paths to be taken, new discoveries,
an unrealized world waiting.

Soon people emerge from their houses
hardly noticing the white dancing landscape
but with ploughs, shovels, snow-blowers
carve paths through the snow
neat straight lines, ignoring contours, hints
left by unknown visitors of the night, reclaiming
for themselves the order, the straight, the familiar
from nature’s unwelcome gift.

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Copyright 2017© by Peter D. Goodwin