The Bay In The Rain

Rain, clouds, the heavy atmosphere descends
upon the Bay, closing it off, the sky low and gray
and damp, the rain penetrating, the gray Bay
and the gray sky merging in a diffuse haze
that closes off the Bay, empty but for the rain
and the fog and a lonely boat picking its way
through half hidden crab pots
half hidden by the choppy waters.

Through wet fog—the white silhouette
of a Chesapeake work boat, an oyster tonger,
searching, scraping with large tongues the muddy
bottom, plunging down, the boat rocking, pulling up
the oysters, quickly emptying and sorting the oysters
to different barrels, plunging down the tong, pulling
it up again, a routine quick and hard, a fast wave to a
passing boat, back to his routine, the Bay waterman
working the bay—
the Bay not so lonely
not so austere
not so isolated.

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Copyright 2017© by Peter D. Goodwin