Lost Kiss

He remembers the last time he saw her
holding her hands, saying—he does not
remember— only the emotion, the joy
of knowing her, the sadness at leaving
her, he kisses her forehead, he kisses
her right cheek he kisses her left cheek
he gazes at her lips, her beautiful pink
lips—how many times had he gazed
at her lips trying to learn her language,
distracted—“people may be watching”
she was his teacher, this was her campus
and he and his wife returning to their country
as he and his teacher, more than just a teacher,
stood in the middle of the campus not quite
embracing not quite separated, the moment
lasting…twenty years… and then she walked
away, he wanted to rush after her and kiss
her lips, kiss her pink lips for ever, instead
he watched her walk away, and twenty years
later they resume a friendship, his wife
has died, she has left her husband, is raising
her son and running a business, they
correspond long distance through email,
neither quite sure what the other wants
for both of them time is now a tyrant
time has marked them, time has changed
them, time has moved on, yet he dreams
of a future reunion, wondering whether
that lost kiss can ever be recovered.

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Copyright 2017© by Peter D. Goodwin