The Dispossessed

Had they any sense of history they would
not have moved so aggressively in an area
that was poor, traditional, and vulnerable,
a land and a people whose history was bound
in oral traditions, whose customs were bound
in traditional uses of their land and resources
but they had no sense of history they were wealthy,
they were powerful they believed that they could ignore
history, could ignore local customs, could ignore
the damage they did to the environment, and to local
patterns, while digging, drilling, removing
valuable resources, ignoring the needs, and
traditions of the people whom they could bully,
buy off, harass, kill and for years they succeeded
in buying, bullying, bulldozing any local opposition
but in time resistance did arise, a resistance violent
emerging out of the polluted, wasted landscape,
where nothing healthy can grow and wealth not
shared has shrunk, and now history is a catalogue
of devastation, disease and death.

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Copyright 2017© by Peter D. Goodwin