The War Planners

Had they any sense of history, they would know
that what failed in the past will fail once again,
that grand ideals, high principles, visions
of a perfect future are lost in translation.

when imposed on others. Had they any sense
of history they would take the time to learn
the history of their neighbors, understand
those whom they wish to rescue,

but they have no sense of history so they barge
into their neighbor’s home, waving their flags
and good intentions, stepping on the flowers,
breaking the china and furniture, frightening

the women and children, and annoying everyone.
When their decency is doubted they become
confused and angry and get belligerent, their high
ideals become polluted and the rot stinks.

Had they any sense of history they would pause
and reconsider but lacking any of sense
they blunder blindly forward
creating catastrophe.

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Copyright 2017© by Peter D. Goodwin